foreign exchange risks in the Forex market
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Seven Foreign Exchange Risks in Forex Markets Every Trader Must Be Aware Of

The volatile and chaotic nature of the Forex markets suggests that market participants are facing both enormous opportunities to make profits and prospects of incurring massive losses. Financial activities in this complex market are associated with a large number of risks, which every trader, beginning and experienced alike, must be aware of before making any […]


Law Firm in Switzerland Helps Doing Business

Purchasing an already existing company has a number of advantages. First of all, you do not need to spend your time visiting state agencies and wait for answers and decisions. There is also no need to open a bank account, since everything is already done. Secondly, you have an opportunity to buy a company with […]

Cryptocurrency Risks

8 Major Cryptocurrency Risks You Should Be Aware of in 2019

The very concept of a virtual currency seems to be very attractive considering the growing pace of trade in Internet. A lot of experts think that having the virtual currency recognized by a whole world community may substantially boost the volume of trade operations. Apparently, Bitcoin is the most promising candidate for such role. However, […]


Challenges for Automotive Industry In the Coming Years

Nowadays, automotive leaders have to make many crucial choices to meet the growing demands of drivers and remain competitive on the changing market. Which way is better: to become a leader in manufacturing electric vehicles with super expensive batteries or to create a cheaper internal combustion engine? During the past few years, the market for […]

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How to Use Business Risks and Opportunities to Your Advantage

There is an interesting paradox of business: those who avoid all kinds of risk, risk most of all. Risks and responsibilities assumed by an entrepreneur are an integral part of any business activity. Being a necessary component of entrepreneurship, business risks arise every time a company introduces something new in its work. It doesn’t matter […]

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Business Risks of Financial Activity

Enterprises face financial risks when they deal with financial institutions. As a rule, the latter include banks or investment funds. Financial risks arise for both the companies and banks. Causes of Financial Risks Inflation Inflation is one of the most common reasons. This risk factor is virtually uncontrolled. Inflation can destroy the whole business in […]

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Top 12 Global Business Risk Examples

The British Telecom Company released the results of its research of business risks that should be carefully considered in 2019. Top Twelve Examples of Global Business Risks Increasing protectionism and restraining the pace of globalization Large companies entering the foreign markets will mainly experience these risks. For small businesses, on the contrary, they may provide […]

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Business Risks of Enterprise Development

Enterprise Development The growth of any enterprise is always planned considering revenue-generating measures. There is a variety of ways to develop an enterprise. Each industry offers its unique methods. In general, the development of the enterprise happens due to the following measures: optimization of material, goods and inventory management; establishing more favorable contacts with suppliers; […]

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Top list of business ideas for 2019 that will be popular in the USA

Having a creative business idea is always a huge advantage over your competitors. It may help you create and retain a strong market position for quite a long time. We have prepared a rating of creative business ideas for 2019 that will be popular in the USA. Traffic jams have become a sad reality in […]

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Ways to Evaluate and Reduce E-commerce Business Risks

Nowadays, e-commerce is rapidly growing in most regions of the world, penetrating into new markets and countries. Although it provides many new opportunities for the entrepreneurs, certain risks should also be considered. There are the risks of a global character as well as internal ones that arise as a result of the company’s activity in […]

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Diversification of Business Risks: How It Works and When It Should Be Used

Any business activity is risky and no business can escape it. Risk is the basis of making profit. Both businessmen and investors are well aware of it. Despite the fact the higher the risk, the greater the profit, most business owners try to reduce the risks or at least eliminate their unnecessary components. The basis […]

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External and Internal Factors of Business Risks

Business risk factors are the reasons that have a negative impact on the company’s activity. These reasons may be both objective and subjective. It is very important for any manager to have a clear notion about the risk factors. But it is even more important to know the possible ways to reduce their influence. Knowledge […]

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Business risks for startups. Things Necessary to Be Considered When Starting a New Business

Talking about the assessment of business risks for startups, it’s important to understand that any conclusions are based on open source statistics. The activity, risks and performance indicators of any enterprise are a commercial secret. The companies don’t  publish such information in media. Frequently, the information in the public access has nothing to do with […]


Insurance companies in USA with rating

The USA is the country with the most developed insurance market in the world. American insurance business has immense and unparalleled scales. American insurance monopolies control about 50% of the total insurance market in developed countries. More than 8000 property insurance companies and 2000 life insurance companies operate in the USA.

Requirements for drivers license in Germany
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Requirements for drivers license in Germany

Germany offers great opportunities for driving-high-quality roads and splendid landscapes all over the country as well as developed infrastructure, including numerous hotels, petrol stations, shopping centres, etc. However, in order to enjoy such trips certain requirements must be followed. Requirements for drivers license in Germany The first thing you are going to need is a […]

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German university system

German university system is an essential premise to successful development of both state and individual. So, education, including the higher one, is aimed at benefiting all parties that take part in this process. There is a great variety of educational institutions to choose from: state, private, cooperative schools, colleges and universities. All of them, though, […]

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English-spoken Education classes in Germany

German educational system offers wide opportunities for both German and foreign students. Language is no longer an issue, which can be an obstacle to successful education.  Educational institutions provide their students with English-spoken Education classes in Germany in order to obtain a degree. Let’s now see through some of the universities which provide English courses. […]

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Parental allowance in Germany

German residents and German citizens have a right to receive a state allowance (or Kindergeld), which is aimed at helping them in bringing up their children and allows compensating some costs. The size of Parental allowance in Germany is 184 euros per month for the first and second child, 190 euros for the third one […]

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German Tax System 2018

Foreigners in Germany may be obliged to pay taxes in case of obtaining any kind of income. As a rule, the whole process looks the following way: a monthly amount is taken away from your salary (with employer transferring the necessary sums from your account). Amendments are made in the end of each year, so […]

Germany Insurance Risks

German Insurance System

In Germany some types of insurance are mandatory: for example, health and vehicles insurance. The most important insurance for you to have in Germany is third-party private liability insurance. The essence of it is that the third party (insurance company) will be responsible for all losses you have caused in case of neglectful behaviour. German […]

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German legal system and laws

German legal system and laws has very old roots and traditions. It is based on the continental law, which is quite different from the Anglo-Saxon legal system, but which, of course, does not make it worse. The common opinion of lawyers is that the German legal system is just enough. The system of courts A […]

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Car insurance in Germany cost

When you have bought a car in Germany and want to register it officially, the absolutely necessary premise for this is to get the vehicle insurance. Such Car insurance in Germany cost is obtainable. You should bear in mind that most banks and credit institutions require vehicle insurance before crediting you. Also, vehicle insurance in […]

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Insurance in Germany statistics

If you are planning a trip to Germany, a lot of issues must be taken into account and urgently solved. Some of them, however, can be solved in advance. Among them is insurance, which can be effectively organized even if you still locate anywhere else. Insurance in Germany statistics The most important insurance for a […]

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Citizenship in Germany by marriage

Having dual citizenship provides various benefits, but always causes many questions as well. Both Germany and US acknowledge dual citizenship, so in case you have it, you will receive legal protection of your rights in both these countries. Children with German and American parents receive German and American citizenship simultaneously. There is no need to […]

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Waste recycling companies in Germany

Germany pays great attention to ecological issues, which are now more urgent than ever. You will not see piles of litter, thrown away elsewhere. However, it may be a bit puzzling to understand the system of dealing with garbage in Germany at first. Nearly thirty millions tons of garbage are produced in Germany every year. […]

Australia Risks

Can foreigners buy real estate in Australia

Real estates in Australia are a good investment of your financial means. If you live in Australia permanently, which means that you have a visa of a permanent resident, or if you are an Australian citizen, you face no restrictions, consequently you can buy whatever you want. If you have a temporary visa (job, educational, […]