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Parental allowance in Germany

German residents and German citizens have a right to receive a state allowance (or Kindergeld), which is aimed at helping them in bringing up their children and allows compensating some costs. The size of Parental allowance in Germany is 184 euros per month for the first and second child, 190 euros for the third one and 215 euros for every next child. Allowance is paid until the child reaches 18 and in cases he/she continues studying, the allowance is paid till he/she is 25 years old. The necessary premise to receive children’s allowance in Germany is to pay taxes to German state bodies.

Also, such allowance can be received not only by parents, but by grandparents or aunts and uncles as well, if they are bringing up the child.

All formal procedures are conducted in local labour office, where it is necessary to fill in required documents. A request for allowance must appear in a written form only. The documents needed are: your identification papers, the child’s birth certificate and 5 euros for registration fees.

If parents can afford themselves to spend on a child more than 8000 euros per year, their request for allowance will be declined. Also, it is important to report if any allowance from another country is valid.

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