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English-spoken Education classes in Germany

German educational system offers wide opportunities for both German and foreign students. Language is no longer an issue, which can be an obstacle to successful education.  Educational institutions provide their students with English-spoken Education classes in Germany in order to obtain a degree.

Let’s now see through some of the universities which provide English courses.

Schiller International University

Schiller International University was founded in 1964 and named after prominent German poet and philosopher Friedrich Schiller. The university has international accreditations, ACICS and BAC in particular, and campuses in US, Germany, France, Great Britain, Spain and Switzerland. The educational programs in the university correspond with the American ones, so after graduating you receive an American degree. The courses are taught in English, but the student can also learn the language of the country he is studying in.

The university has broad international connections and a large number of graduates from more than 50 countries, proving its status as international in the full sense of the world.

The German university campus is situated in Heidelberg, at newly build SKYLABS, a building which symbolically unites the nature and technology. Its location is very convenient, as all infrastructure is very close: both trams and public transport. It takes five minutes to get from the campus to the city centre by a tram.

The university facilities include large library, computer-equipped labs, Wi-Fi. It constantly pays attention to modern technology as the main premise to remaining competitive in today’s highly technological world.

Schiller International University is a great place to make acquaintances with students from all over the world. The initial aim of its foundation, better integration of people from different countries, is thus being achieved. Small number of students within class groups (10-25 students) facilitates this task.

Also, the educational process is very comfortable for students themselves. For example, you can start your semester with any month, you can move to another university campus in other country. The semester usually lasts for four months. Courses are held for three hours a day, with Friday being left to students as their spare day.

At Schiller International University you can obtain a bachelor degree in International Relations and Diplomacy, International Business, International Economics and Interdisciplinary Studies and a master degree in International Relations and Diplomacy (MIRD), Master of Business Administration (MBA), International Business, International Management (MIM) and Information Technology Management.

Touro College Berlin

Touro College Berlin is a German branch of New York Touro College, which also has its departments in France, Russia and Israel.

The college provides three courses: undergraduate in business management and administration; graduate in MBA; a master degree in holocaust communication and tolerance. These programs are authorized by American educational institutions.

All courses are taught only in English. This college pays great attention to each personality. Class groups are very small – 10-15 students, which encourages openness of all discussions. Also, the importance of not only educational, but social interaction is acknowledged, which means that students are enabled to spend their time on social events as well. Interaction between students and university administration is provided by student self-government.

The college enjoys a convenient location (it takes only 20 minutes to get to the city centre) and wonderful landscapes nearby. As any capital, Berlin is a centre of cultural and social life. That’s why it is really amazing studying here.

EBS Business School

EBS is one of the top German universities. It is often chosen by students because of the substantial benefits the education here provides. First of all, EBS possesses both academic and practical-oriented superiority, international cooperation and focus on personality. The duration of study is shorter than elsewhere (you can obtain three degrees in five years). Foreign students can benefit from studying in English as well as in French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese and Arabic. Also, the university provides career and employment support for its graduates.
The educational degrees include bachelor in Business Management as well as master and MBA. The college has EQUIS accreditation.

The college itself is situated in the Rhine valley, its campus is in the ancient Reichartshausen Castle (which is approximately 55 kilometers from Frankfurt).

European University

European University was founded in 1973. It’s actually a whole network of universities located in different countries, in particular in Switzerland, Germany, Spain, UK, Austria, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Syria, China, Malaysia and Taiwan.

Its aim is to present the American educational values to the other nations worldwide. The learning is in English. A great emphasis is being made on case studies, which allows applying theoretical knowledge to real-life situations. This method is highly effective in preparing students to their future jobs.

The university provides bachelor, master and doctorate programs. The bachelor courses last for three years while master and MBA courses last for a year. The areas of study are diverse, including Business Administration, International Relations, Leisure & Tourism Management, Communication & Public Relations, Global Banking & Finance and Sports Management.

The great emphasis is also made on personal development, so the classes are not large (25 students). Of course, it is possible for students to exchange campuses and move to study to another country. Such flexibility makes the process of intercultural communication and integration much easier. Also, close cooperation with other universities is maintained, so that students can obtain a double diploma.

Generally speaking, German education is highly competitive and successful and provides excellent opportunities for further employment, if only the student can afford himself to invest in his education, because usually the whole process is rather expensive.

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