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Health Insurance in Germany for foreigners

Health Insurance in Germany for foreigners includes the same rules that are used for the residents.

For an employee with a monthly salary of 4 050 euros an amount of payments for health insurance per month is equal to 15,5 per cent of the salary (which is about 628 euros). Apart from these payments, there is nursing care insurance, which is compulsory and it demands paying 93 euros every month. For those, who use services of state medicine, a monthly sum of 10 euros must be paid. Each day of staying in a hospital will cost 10 euros for participants of the state health programs.

Apparently, if you have a bigger income at your disposal or are not satisfied with the state medicine, you can refer to the private medical services. They usually are much more expensive, but provide better quality and result. You should enquire more about the terms of insurance for private treatment, as some insurance companies require that foreigners have to live in Germany for at least 2 years in order to get it.

The advantages of using private health insurance also include wider choice of fees, medical institutions (a lot of them have their departments abroad), and flexible system of payments. The main disadvantage is that you will have to pay premiums even if you are currently ill, unemployed, etc.

Generally speaking, German residents have choice: either to join state health programs, or private health insurance. Both of them provide high-quality medical services.

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