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The Rules of Renting a car in Australia

Due to the fact that Australia has many attractive tourist destinations and interesting places for examination (260 cities and provinces), the best way to travel is to travel independently by car. Each Australian airport is equipped with car rental service. In this case, the cost of the tour includes car rental and hotel reservations. Modern, well-maintained fleet of vehicles and mini vans, manufactured in Australia and by the world’s automotive industry leaders, is offered.

Minivans for 8-12 people will allow you to travel with a group of friends, which is both much funnier and can save you money. At the request you may be provided with 20-23-seats buses.

If you intend to rent cars in various parts of Australia, you can count on a special rate of multiple rent of the car. It is assigned on the basis of daily rent, taking into account the total number of days of rent. This bonus is used if the rent from the first place exceeds 3 days.

A certain obligation for all kinds of cars is included into the lease contract – collateral for gasoline, which is paid back if the car is returned to the parking lot with a full tank of gasoline.
Leased cars are not allowed to cross a number of areas, including routes from the mainland to Tasmania and vice versa, as well as on Kangaroo Island. The cars should be located on the route, specified in the contract, all the time. Exceptions are valid for four-wheel drive cars that are allowed to move on gravel roads. For a number of territories the routes of movement may be banned due to changes in weather and seasonal conditions.

In all state capitals and in most of the tourist centers (Golden Beach, Sunny Beach, part of the northern territories, Tasmania, Perth area) mileage is not taking into account. For other territories the calculation of the excess mileage, starting from 201 km per day, is included.

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Renting a car in Australia age

The minimum age at which the driver can rent the car is 21 years for passenger cars and minivans, and 24 years for four-wheel drive cars. An upper age limit is no more than 75 years. All drivers must have valid driving licenses. Driving license can be issued by local state in Australia, or it can be International Driving Permit.

The minimum rental period for all types of cars is 1 day, that is 24 hours from the moment when the car was taken by the client. Hourly rental cost after 24 hours expiration is 1\3 of the applicable daily rate.

Early return of the car does not entitle the renter to a refund of the unused portion of time in relation to the originally agreed payment.

The insurance rate is calculated on a basis of 1/3 cost of property cover. The type of the car and the driver’s age are also taken into account.


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