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The Most Promising Crypto Ad Networks to Promote Your Crypto Projects

According to the various studies, the average budget for advertising a startup entering the ICO amounts to approximately $600,000, which is about 20-40% of all funds raised. This is a substantial amount, especially given the low efficiency of such advertising, since banners are frequently placed on the platforms that have little or no relation at all to the cryptocurrency industry. Moreover, the leading search engines like Google and Bing, as well as the popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, have already launched processes to ban advertising of ICOs, cryptotraffic and everything related to cryptocurrencies. So, how and where can a startup advertise its ICO?

To answer this question, we’ve put together a list of the most promising crypto ad networks that can support your marketing efforts in promoting your crypto projects.

BitMedia is one of the pioneers of crypto advertising. Today, its affiliate network features 3,700+ websites in the crypto niche. Collectively, they provide over 41 million impressions every day. The platform does not require a minimum deposit. The cost models available are CPC and CPM. The platform’s strongest GEOs are Canada, the US, the UK and Europe. Targeting options are quite limited at the moment – location, time of the day and device, but categories and interests are to be added soon.


Since 2011, PropellerAds has been delivering advertising solutions and cryptotraffic opportunities for thousands of publishers and advertisers across the world. Today, it delivers 1 billion impressions every day. The platform offers cost models such as CPC, CPM and SmartCPA. PropellerAds is packed with advanced features like real-time bidding, advanced targeting and payment integration, 24/7 live chat support and much more. Strongest GEOs include the US, Latin America and the Philippines.


AdVakif has taken the crypto advertising world by storm thanks to its publisher-focused business model and friendly fees. The platform is very popular in the Arab countries, particularly Turkey and the UAE. Recently, China has become another promising GEO for the platform. AdVakif charges CPC (CPA option is available as well) regardless of CPM. Package offerings are also available. Advertisers do not have their personal accounts and the platform does not use postbacks, although this can turn out to be a benefit, since all traffic, clicks and conversions are available in clients’ analytical dashboards. Publishers can use dedicated accounts to run their campaigns.


As a decentralized advertising platform resistant to ad block, AdShares is a powerful player in the crypto advertising space. It aims to bypass any middlemen and significantly lower advertising costs as a result. Powered by blockchain, it is capable of running a staggering one million trasfers per second. Its blockchain architecture also allows other powerful benefits of AdShares platform over other market players, including instant payments, global reach, business-friendly costs even for small advertisers and transparency to name a few.

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