Germany Risks

Citizenship in Germany by marriage

Having dual citizenship provides various benefits, but always causes many questions as well. Both Germany and US acknowledge dual citizenship, so in case you have it, you will receive legal protection of your rights in both these countries.

Children with German and American parents receive German and American citizenship simultaneously. There is no need to choose between them. At the same time a person may refuse of keeping one of them or both, if he wishes so.

In case children of two American parents were born in Germany, they acquire a dual citizenship. However, when they reach 23 they have to choose, which one to leave.

In practice, if a person in Germany has dual citizenship, he is considered first of all German. The same is true for German citizens in US – first of all they are considered as Americans. So, there may be some difficulties for US ambassadors and consulates in performing their functions of protection of their citizens.

For people with dual citizenship, one of which is US, a valid passport and annual declaration of incomes is mandatory. The declaration must be provided in any case, whether the person pays taxes to US budget or not. Also, he can enter or leave US only with an American passport and won’t be able to require any services from US authorities, if he cannot provide them with his American passport.

For men with American-German citizenship an army question arises. All of them must register at the U.S. Selective Service System after they have reached 18. However, this does not mean that they are free from military service in Germany.

It would be reasonable to contact either American or German authorities directly in order to acquire more precise and relevant information.

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