Retirement System in Canada

Canada ranks fourth in the world in terms of pension assets, leaving the top three positions only to the U.S., Japan and the UK. The number of pension funds is approximately 150. Three levels of Canada’s retirement system Old Age Security; The Canada Pensіon Plan (CPP); individual pension plans. Old Age Security Old Age Security […]

Canada Insurance

Social protection in Canada

Thousands of immigrants move to Canada each year attracted by high standards of social protection. Oftentimes immigration officials are faced with the fears of immigrants who, doubting the possibility of a rapid employment, express deep concerns about the lack of livelihood. In Canada you will always have some allowance to cover the most urgent needs […]


Canadian Payment System

The national currency of Canada is the Canadian dollar. Paper money is called “bills”. They are represented in the following denominations: $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, $1,000. Payments in foreign currencies are not accepted in Canada, except for those institutions that are eligible for exchange. There isa lot of such establishments (restaurants and shops) in […]

Business Education Canada

Higher Education in Canada

The majority of the international rating agencies place Canada into second position in terms of development of the system of higher education. An important feature of this system is that most universities in Canada are public and are financed by the Government of Canada, while the percentage of funding allocated for education in Canada is […]

Canada Insurance

Car Insurance in Canada

Car insurance in Canada is mandatory. If the policeman stops the car for any reason, you can be sure he will ask you for your car insurance. Penalty for its absence is $5,000. Size of the insurance payments depends on the insured sum, driver’s age and gender (women are considered to be more careful in […]

Canada Insurance

Insurance in Canada

Insurance business in Canada in terms of capital involved in it holds the second place after the bank business. It is difficult to specify what sphere of human activity in Canada exists without insurance. The range of insurance services includes life insurance, medical insurance, insurance of disability, real estate insurance as well as insurance of […]