Business Ideas

Get 6 ideas for running the cafe

Below you can read more about six business plans that may potentially become your family business. Small cafes aren’t founded to attract the largest possible audience, instead they are meant to be cozy places of relaxation. To introduce something special, the owners have to be truly creative personalities.


A whole family may be engaged in this business. Cafe is not as profitable as restaurants. However, the amount of funds you need to invest to open a cafe is far less than that of restaurants. Developing a simple menu and creating a cozy atmosphere, you can enjoy a steady income.

Coffee shop

Nowadays, an unbelievable quantity of kiosks sells coffee at every street of any city. Small towns usually aren’t so saturated with coffee kiosks, so the growth opportunities are more attractive here. Opening a coffee shop is a perfect first step in your own business. Starting from this simple option, you’ll be able to learn all the peculiarities of business and run a more complicated undertaking in the future.

Hookah cafe

If you are a sociable person and know how to create a comfortable atmosphere for people to rest, you may succeed in hookah café business. Hookah cafe is hardly a popular institution. Always carefully consider the number of potential customers in small towns, very often it is too low which results in a low profitability. Big cities, undoubtedly, offer far more attractive prospects regarding customer flow.


Don’t like to cook meals? No problem, open an anti-cafe. In such case, you should make a strong emphasis on entertaining your visitors. If you know how to bring people together and unite them around some interesting matter, anti-cafe business has many chances to succeed. Don’t forget that you have to pay a fee to the authors of entertainment programs

Tea café

There are two possible patterns for running the tea cafe business: a simpler and more complicated one. In case tea is considered as an alternative to coffee, then this business is similar to that of a coffee shop. However, if you want to introduce tea ceremonies to your visitors, it’s a very complicated matter. Examine carefully your target audience, since the choice of a possible pattern depends entirely on it. Remember also that only a small portion of potential clients will turn to the regular ones.

Cafe for children

The main advantage of the family cafes is the availability of children’s playground. Families represent the main target group of clients for family cafes. That’s why it is necessary to create an appropriate menu and invite animators who will entertain children. At the same time, parents will be able to drink coffee calmly or eat at least the simplest pizza.