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Higher Education in Canada

The majority of the international rating agencies place Canada into second position in terms of development of the system of higher education. An important feature of this system is that most universities in Canada are public and are financed by the Government of Canada, while the percentage of funding allocated for education in Canada is bigger than that of its colleagues’ in the “Big Eight”. All this makes education in Canada not worse than in England or Switzerland, simultaneously at a lower cost of training.

Benefits of education in Canada are obvious. We can include affordable prices for tuition, and the opportunity to get a scholarship during training, and, undoubtedly, the high quality of education to this list. Among its advantages we can also note the hospitality of Canadians, their friendly attitude towards foreigners, and living in a comfortable, safe environment in one of the safest and most economically advanced countries. A close interrelation between theoretical knowledge and practice, opportunity to gain work experience during paid internships in the course and after the study, allows the country to hold a very attractive position in the international education market, and Canadian education is generally recognized throughout the world as an excellent investment in the future career.

Nine universities in Canada entered the TOP-200 best universities in the world according to the 2011-2012 Times Higher Education. These universities are:
19th place – University of Toronto; 22 place – University of British Columbia; 28th place – McGill University; 65th place – McMaster University; 100 place – University of Alberta; 104th place – University of Montreal; 173 place – Queen’s University; 177 place – University of Victoria; 185 place – University of Ottawa.

University of Toronto

Let’s make a brief review of the most successful Canadian universities, starting with the University of Toronto. It is aged more than 180 years. It made its way into the top-20 world best universities. The university provides quality of education equal to the prestige and respect of Stanford, Oxford, Harvard and Cambridge. It is one of the largest research centers recognized and respected in the scientific community around the world. If you want to become a doctor, designer, lawyer, if you are interested in information technology, education or pharmacology, then, certainly, University of Toronto is a great choice for you.

McGill University

McGill University is a highly respected university in Canada, located in the province of Quebec, in Montreal. Within its walls more than 30,000 students are educating, more than 6,000 of them are foreign students. Graduates of this university are known across the whole Canada. Among them there are Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winners and former Canadian Prime Minister as well as the President of Latvia, and many other respected people around the world.

University of Victoria

Located in the province of British Columbia, University of Victoria deserves a special attention. The university provides education for 19,500 students, 1800 of them are foreigners. The university offers undergraduate, graduate, MBA and Ph.D. programs. Faculty of Law at University of Victoria is considered to be the best in Canada. It is the only university in Canada, where the students pass practice in common law in the private law firms and government institutions on a full-time basis with appropriate salary for a whole semester. The university conducts extensive research in fields such as oceanography, healthcare, and modeling of information processing.

University of Windsor

In the field of industry the leading university is located in the province of Ontario. It is the University of Windsor. This is one of the best Canadian universities implementing innovative programs in tandem with industry leaders in Canada. The undoubted advantage of the university is a high level of employment – almost 95% of graduates find employment immediately or soon after graduation.

If you intend to study in Canada, you must understand that the quality of education in all Canadian universities is quite the same. Those included in the TOP-200 universities are the best of the best universities in Canada, but there are other educational institutions in which you can get high quality education at a lower cost.

University of Manitoba

For example, a brilliant education in the field of humanities can be obtained at University of Manitoba. Located in the province of Manitoba, the university makes a significant contribution to the economic development of the province, maintains an extensive research and development in various fields of science and technology.

Thompson Rivers University

If journalism, tourism or business administration attract you, then pay attention to educational programs at Thompson Rivers University, which provides the opportunity to do an internship abroad.

Humber College

Humber College is a well recognized and respected institution in Canada. The college is known for its rational and methodically verified training programs, which often form the basis of educational programs at many U.S. universities. Humber College’s specialization is primarily journalism, business, law, music and design.

Laval University

Laval University is the first university founded in Canada (1663). The university has 66 departments, institutes and schools that offer training in 350 educational programs. All courses at the university are conducted in French, and given the fact that the knowledge of French in Canada makes it much easier to get a job, studies at this university will be interesting to those who are going to get an education in French in the field of music, medicine, architecture, pharmacology, fine art and theology. Another important factor is the fact that the university receives substantial funding for conducting research and developing international cooperation in scientific areas. Among university graduates there are many famous people throughout Canada, among them – the prime ministers of the provinces and territories, the heads of federal ministries, politicians and scientists of the world class.

Niagara College

Finally, Niagara College is well known and popular institution of higher education in Canada, producing professionals in the field of computer and information technologies, as well as in business.

The general trend for all universities in Canada is the fact that specific university training programs are directly related to the needs of the province in which the school is located. For example, the universities of Alberta, where the oil and gas industry are predominant, produce the largest number of engineers and technicians for the industry, while the universities of mainly agricultural provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan produce many specialists in the field of agriculture. British Columbia is a leader in the training of specialists for the forest industry.

The oldest universities in Canada are famous for their high level of education in the fields of humanities, business and economics. A strong scientific school is believed to be a distinctive feature of the first universities in Canada. Official statistics confirms that scientific research at Canadian universities create more than 200,000 jobs annually.


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