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How to reduce the risks of business process automation?

The automation process is not just a way to improve performance, actually, it is a tool for the survival of the enterprise. Those companies that do not use automation have higher costs, they make more mistakes, and they create more risks for themselves. These risks primarily arise when the company can not perform prompt and regular analysis of activities, and therefore can not respond to the situation that arises in the company.

Automation processes are implemented in all areas. Entrepreneurs try to automate everything: business, leisure, and even gambling. For example, if you develop software for games, you can find certain patterns. Based on them, programmers create patterns of behavior based on the most effective strategies. Not surprisingly, using such software, all the companies win. By the way, you can order such equipment on

And this applies not only to gambling, but it is also about business processes. As soon as you start using special equipment for analyzing data flows, product flows, cash flows, information flows, and all this information will be constantly in front of your eyes, your reaction will be timely and more visible.

An on-time reaction is the basic rule of an effective business. You can not waste time when the company is negatively affected.

What types of software are usually used in enterprises?

Excel is a standard program used by 80% of all small businesses. The program reduces the cost of training to use special software by staff, but at the same time, it is difficult to call it safe. The fact is that Excel does not involve group work, and the transmission of the document by e-mail services makes many risks of losing confidential information.

Ready-made software allows you to perform more operations and work in a team, but the main risks of its use are associated with the developers of such software. Some changes require a prompt response, and using ready-made software, these changes can be achieved in a few months.

Custom software reduces the occurrence of such risks. However, to get this, you need to create your development team or outsource service. These risks are associated with a high cost of program products, which may not pay back at all.

You need to weigh the pros and cons of choosing automation systems. The automation tools have to be:
– simple to understand;
– allow teamwork;
– save change histories;
– be safe in terms of information storage;
– to be repaid within six months.