Germany Insurance Risks

Car insurance in Germany cost

When you have bought a car in Germany and want to register it officially, the absolutely necessary premise for this is to get the vehicle insurance. Such Car insurance in Germany cost is obtainable. You should bear in mind that most banks and credit institutions require vehicle insurance before crediting you. Also, vehicle insurance in Germany is expensive.

Car insurance in Germany cost

Besides, there are quite many things, which are taken into account when insuring the car. For instance, owners of SUVs and other large, expensive cars pay more for their insurance; beginners pay more; urban residents pay more than rural residents; previous driving history is very important – the bigger number of accidents, in which the owner was involved, the more he has to pay.

If you are a foreigner and want to get car insurance in Germany, you can use driving history from your home country. It is enough to provide insurance company with a letter, acknowledging your reliability, from your home insurer.

The basic insurance, which is required from you, is a third party liability insurance. However, there are more complex insurance policies, which encompass broader kinds of damage (theft, fire/water damage, etc.).

It would be better for you if you contact insurance agent directly. He will advise on all issues concerning vehicle insurance. Also, he will provide you with International Green Card free, which enables you to drive in other countries of Europe.


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