Law Firm in Switzerland Helps Doing Business

Purchasing an already existing company has a number of advantages. First of all, you do not need to spend your time visiting state agencies and wait for answers and decisions. There is also no need to open a bank account, since everything is already done. Secondly, you have an opportunity to buy a company with a history of operations. This allows to participate in public tenders from the first day and gain the trust of customers. In addition, now it’s possible to purchase even firms with equipped production facilities and experienced staff. Nowadays, bying a ready-made company has become especially popular in Switzerland. A ready business is purchased to eliminate the possibility of administrative check. Besides, this makes it easier to move into the country. In this case, you must have the necessary qualification as well as experience in management.

Employees of the international law firm Goldblum and Partners help collect a full package of documents if you wish to start your own business in Switzerland or purchase a ready company.

Goldblum and Partners, albeit young by the Swiss caliber, positions itself as a powerful team, with the main competencies ranging from mergers and acquisitions to compliance practices and protection of intellectual property rights.

Why Goldblum and Partners?

Since 2007, Goldblum and Partners enjoy a continuous growth which resulted in an impressive portfolio of services. Not only it provides inclusive legal support, but also goes an extra mile to deliver expert consulting for its clients. Its team is proud to rely on modern technologies, such as a CRM system and a variety of instant messengers, to stay on top of things and ensure its availability to clients at all times.

Private practices that existed before 2007 are now united under a single brand to improve the quality of service. Now all clients can receive services within the one framework containing various practices. Due to the creation of a partnership, we are available in the following countries: Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Ukraine.

Exclusive Swiss quality with Goldblum and Partners

Being perfectly aware of the peculiarities of the international and Swiss law for more than ten years, Goldblum and Partners accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience in the area. Its team can provide a suitable solution for the cases of varying complexity, like calculating cross-border risks, drafting loan applications or ensuring compliance with tax and regulatory legislation.

Areas of our law practice include:

  • Swiss shelf company sale;
  • Legal and Tax Consulting;
  • Corporate Law and M&A;
  • Banking & Finance;
  • Real Estate & Construction Tax;
  • Restructuring & Insolvency;
  • International Trade & Customs.

We were honored and awarded by international legal ratings like IFLR1000 (Banking and Finance), Legal 500, GLE and Corporate Intl Global Awards.

Attractive pricing policy

Swiss business practice typically suggests paying on an hourly basis, but Goldblum and Partners approach to their pricing policy in a different way. We do not charge for the spent hours. We are focused on a result-driven reward and charge fixed fees. Our experts also provide the calculation of costs upon request.