Germany Risks

Parental allowance in Germany

German residents and German citizens have a right to receive a state allowance (or Kindergeld), which is aimed at helping them in bringing up their children and allows compensating some costs. The size of Parental allowance in Germany is 184 euros per month for the first and second child, 190 euros for the third one […]

Germany Risks

German Tax System 2018

Foreigners in Germany may be obliged to pay taxes in case of obtaining any kind of income. As a rule, the whole process looks the following way: a monthly amount is taken away from your salary (with employer transferring the necessary sums from your account). Amendments are made in the end of each year, so […]

Germany Insurance Risks

German Insurance System

In Germany some types of insurance are mandatory: for example, health and vehicles insurance. The most important insurance for you to have in Germany is third-party private liability insurance. The essence of it is that the third party (insurance company) will be responsible for all losses you have caused in case of neglectful behaviour. German […]

Germany Risks

German legal system and laws

German legal system and laws has very old roots and traditions. It is based on the continental law, which is quite different from the Anglo-Saxon legal system, but which, of course, does not make it worse. The common opinion of lawyers is that the German legal system is just enough. The system of courts A […]

Germany Insurance Risks

Car insurance in Germany cost

When you have bought a car in Germany and want to register it officially, the absolutely necessary premise for this is to get the vehicle insurance. Such Car insurance in Germany cost is obtainable. You should bear in mind that most banks and credit institutions require vehicle insurance before crediting you. Also, vehicle insurance in […]

Germany Risks

Insurance in Germany statistics

If you are planning a trip to Germany, a lot of issues must be taken into account and urgently solved. Some of them, however, can be solved in advance. Among them is insurance, which can be effectively organized even if you still locate anywhere else. Insurance in Germany statistics The most important insurance for a […]

Germany Risks

Citizenship in Germany by marriage

Having dual citizenship provides various benefits, but always causes many questions as well. Both Germany and US acknowledge dual citizenship, so in case you have it, you will receive legal protection of your rights in both these countries. Children with German and American parents receive German and American citizenship simultaneously. There is no need to […]

Germany Risks

Waste recycling companies in Germany

Germany pays great attention to ecological issues, which are now more urgent than ever. You will not see piles of litter, thrown away elsewhere. However, it may be a bit puzzling to understand the system of dealing with garbage in Germany at first. Nearly thirty millions tons of garbage are produced in Germany every year. […]

Australia Risks

Can foreigners buy real estate in Australia

Real estates in Australia are a good investment of your financial means. If you live in Australia permanently, which means that you have a visa of a permanent resident, or if you are an Australian citizen, you face no restrictions, consequently you can buy whatever you want. If you have a temporary visa (job, educational, […]

Australia Risks

Personal car leasing in Australia

Some companies in Australia, especially public ones, as well as hospitals and charity foundations, offer an additional benefit: the opportunity to purchase certain commodities for the money earned before paying the taxes. This is called salary packaging. This feature increases the work attractiveness greatly. People are especially willing to buy a car according to salary […]


Current tax system in Australia

Current tax system in Australia obliges the residents of the country to pay taxes on all income received both in Australia and abroad. However, if any tax is already paid in the other country, then the taxpayer can get considerable reductions. At the end of the fiscal year (June 30), the taxpayer must fill in […]

Australia Business Education Risks

Educational System in Australia

Educational System in Australia provide their graduates with high-quality, practice-oriented education along with internationally acknowledged diplomas. Australia has a third place in the world in the number of foreign students, leaving the first two places only to the United Kingdom and the USA. This educational excellence is confirmed by the fact that seven Ausralian universities […]

Australia Insurance

Car Insurance in Australia for visitors

In Australia you usually have four options for insuring your vehicle. Among them there are: compulsory third-party insurance, comprehensive insurance, fire&theft only and third party property only. Compulsory third-party insurance must be owned by every driver. Not having this insurance leads to detentions and is illegal. Such insurance provides cover in case of injuring other […]

Australia Risks

The Rules of Renting a car in Australia

Due to the fact that Australia has many attractive tourist destinations and interesting places for examination (260 cities and provinces), the best way to travel is to travel independently by car. Each Australian airport is equipped with car rental service. In this case, the cost of the tour includes car rental and hotel reservations. Modern, […]

Australia Business Education

Australian universities Review

In recent years, the interest in higher education in Australia has increased significantly. The country is developing successfully, combining European traditions with Asian business dynamism. Australian economy is now presented by the American, Japanese, Korean and Chinese capital. Undoubtedly, these are the most favorable conditions not only for business, but also for the training of […]

Australia Business Education Risks

Higher education in Australia for international students

Universities in Australia are occupying leading positions in the Pacific region, their diplomas are recognized worldwide. More than 680,000 students are studying in the universities of this country. The list of only undergraduate programs includes more than 2,000 items. Higher education in Australia for international students is offered by Sydney and Melbourne, the two largest […]


Retirement System in Canada

Canada ranks fourth in the world in terms of pension assets, leaving the top three positions only to the U.S., Japan and the UK. The number of pension funds is approximately 150. Three levels of Canada’s retirement system Old Age Security; The Canada Pensіon Plan (CPP); individual pension plans. Old Age Security Old Age Security […]

Canada Insurance

Social protection in Canada

Thousands of immigrants move to Canada each year attracted by high standards of social protection. Oftentimes immigration officials are faced with the fears of immigrants who, doubting the possibility of a rapid employment, express deep concerns about the lack of livelihood. In Canada you will always have some allowance to cover the most urgent needs […]


Canadian Payment System

The national currency of Canada is the Canadian dollar. Paper money is called “bills”. They are represented in the following denominations: $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, $1,000. Payments in foreign currencies are not accepted in Canada, except for those institutions that are eligible for exchange. There isa lot of such establishments (restaurants and shops) in […]

Business Education Canada

Higher Education in Canada

The majority of the international rating agencies place Canada into second position in terms of development of the system of higher education. An important feature of this system is that most universities in Canada are public and are financed by the Government of Canada, while the percentage of funding allocated for education in Canada is […]

Canada Insurance

Car Insurance in Canada

Car insurance in Canada is mandatory. If the policeman stops the car for any reason, you can be sure he will ask you for your car insurance. Penalty for its absence is $5,000. Size of the insurance payments depends on the insured sum, driver’s age and gender (women are considered to be more careful in […]

Canada Insurance

Insurance in Canada

Insurance business in Canada in terms of capital involved in it holds the second place after the bank business. It is difficult to specify what sphere of human activity in Canada exists without insurance. The range of insurance services includes life insurance, medical insurance, insurance of disability, real estate insurance as well as insurance of […]


4 Ways to Benefit from Equipment Leasing

Running your own business has always been an attractive alternative to traditional employment in large corporations. Despite all undeniable advantages of private entrepreneurship you must also be well aware of all its underwater rocks. Any businessman encounters the need of suitable equipment sooner or later having to opt between the most efficient ways of its […]



Microcredit Is a Perfect Option As a rule, when applying to banks or lending institutions for the loans, people pursue some goals. They might plan to buy cars or apartments, make some repair or home improvements, have plans for training, education and loads of other things. Borrowers are people who have the money, but most […]


A Couple of Ways to Receive Money for Small Business Financing

Speaking about ways of financing small business we must clearly define what this term means since the ways to attract additional money by small and big businesses differ and have its own peculiarities. So, small business financing is understood as a set of means allowing a businessman to attract necessary funds either to launch a […]


How to Get a Loan Even With Bad Credit

Having a bad credit history many people abandon further attempts to receive a loan thinking it’s impossible. But as practice shows you can get a loan even with a bad history. A trick is to perform several clever steps and launch a process of rebuilding your credit. Below we will describe some smart methods that […]