What Is E-ZPass For?

E-ZPass is the electronic system of toll collection in the USA that was founded in 1987. Nowadays, it is used on the majority of tunnels, roads and bridges in 17 eastern and midwestern states, namely, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachussetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia and West Virginia. The managing company is called E-ZPass Interagency Group and comprises 39 operating agencies. They use a single technology that enables people travel with the same transponder on all toll roads within the network. From the very beginning, E-ZPass merged different independent toll operators and united them into a single system. At the moment, the talks are carried out to make E-ZPass a national toll operator.

Since each member of IAG operates its own customer service and billing center, it establishes its own prices and discount systems. The peculiarity is that the subscribers aren’t demanded to serve the account in a given agency of the state they live in. The user has the right to create an E-ZPass account in any agency that is the member of Interagency Group. The place of residence doesn’t matter at all. So before opening the account, any user can study the prices each agency offers and choose the optimal option.

For the state of New York, the monthly PANYNJ account service fee amounts to $1 per month. However, for MTA, Thruway, or Bridge Authority accounts there is no fee. Additional $6 is charged for monthly paper statements, while bimonthly statements are free of charge. As for a deposit, the amount is $10 for the internal transponder (the money is refundable). If one pays per trip with the credit card backup, the deposit is not reqired.

E-ZPass in New York requires a traveller to have a minimum balance of $30. The account is charged a minimum replenishment amount of $25 or an amount equal to the average usage during a period of 90 days, depending on which amount is higher. If one pays per trip, the deposit is not necessary.

E-ZPass in New York offers a wide range of discounts for travellers. In particular, at MTA bridges and Tunnels, the discounts vary from 32% to 56% for the tags provided by New York E-ZPass Customer Service Center. E-ZPass grants a discount of $3.36 at Henry Hudson Bridge. New York State Bridge Authority as well as New York State Thruway facilities are also subject to E-ZPass various discounts. However, the rabates are valid only for the holders of tags issued by New York E-ZPass Customer Service Center.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey informed that about 85% of vehicles that moved across its six bridges and tunnels were equipped with E-ZPass tags for toll payment. A lot of agencies sell E-ZPass transponders that already have a certain amount of funds on the account. Commonly, the transponders can be purchased in supermarkets or pharmacies. They are activated immediately with a certain amount of money available from the very beginning. After the traveller registers the transponder during several days from the first usage, the remaining balance becomes available too.

Penalties are imposed for violating the rules. If you want to pay an E-ZPass violation on www.​e-​zpassny.​com/​payviolation, first login to the online service. Then enter the license plate number, violation number and state. You can find all this information on your violation notice. After, follow the instructions and perform the payment by credit card or via your E-ZPass account.