What is travel insurance

Traveling is a pleasant adventure but very often unpredictable circumstances can spoil all impressions and, even worse, cause substantial financial expenditures. To avoid or at least diminish the uncertainty it’s always worth considering travel insurance option.

A basic travel insurance includes such items as flight insurance,trip cancellation and interruption, evacuation, medical and baggage insurance. Additional elements may be added to insure a great variety of particular risks. Commonly, the abovementioned types aren’t sold separately but in a certain combination. However, it’s possible to purchase a specific type of the travel insurance.

Nowadays an overwhelming majority of companies sell so-called comprehensive packages that perform a function of your primary coverage. No matter what other insurance you have, they still deal with all your expenses and pay without taking your previous policies into consideration. It’s a really convenient option, especially in case unpredictable costs occur.

The prices of travel insurance are extremely different. In some situations the price may reach 15% of the total trip cost. The most influential factor is age. Every decade over 50 makes the price rise considerably. At the same time children under 17 may get a free travel insurance.

As it happens with many other types of insurance conditions of travel policies depend on the state. Some insurers are licensed in one state and aren’t licensed in the other. Pay attention to this detail choosing an insurer since you may encounter problems if there are claims and the insurer isn’t licensed in your state.

Trip cancellation or interruption insurance is one of the most useful types of the travel insurance. If it is too expensive to interrupt or cancel a trip the support of this insurance will be very suitable. Remember that trip cancellation occurs when you don’t start your trip at all. Trip interruption means you have already started the trip but due to some circumstances you have to stop it and return home. You’ll apply for the reimbursement of the part you didn’t complete.

Sometimes a surprise may wait for you – an airline or tour operator isn’t covered by your insurer. Never miss the opportunity to check this detail before it is too late.

If don’t want to spend your time finding out what precisely is covered consider the option of purchasing an “any reason” insurance. You’ll be guaranteed minimum 75% of refunding without the need to explain the reason of cancellation. But be ready to pay a crazy premium for this pleasure.

If you have a health insurance don’t run to buy a medical insurance for the trip since you may be already covered. A sufficient number of American insurers covers you abroad, although Medicare is an exception here.

The US State Department regularly informs about travelling possibilities to the risky countries. It’s highly probable that your medical and cancellation insurance will not be considered if you are going to visit the country from that list.

Evacuation insurance means you can return expenditures of getting to a location where you can enjoy a medical support in emergency cases. Note that your evacuation insurance may not be valid if you take part in events your insurer determines as potentially dangerous and you have no additional adventure-sports coverage.

Baggage insurance is designed to cover the losses from the lost or damaged luggage. It’s almost impossible to buy it separately.

Flight insurance actually is a life insurance policy that protects you during your stay on the airplane. But there isn’t much sense in buying it because plane catastrophes are a rare thing.


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